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Contact: Braeden Pacas (Head Golf Professional)
Email: [email protected]

Braeden Pacas

Head Golf Professional

Graduating with a bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology from the University of Toronto in 2022, Braeden Pacas forged a multifaceted path blending a passion for sports with a commitment to understanding human movement and performance. In 2020, Braeden earned and joined the PGA of Canada Professionals, channeling expertise and a diverse athletic background into the world of golf.

Currently serving as the Head Golf Professional at Spring Lakes, Canada’s largest private golf course, Braeden Pacas leverages knowledge and experience to elevate players’ performances. An athletic journey encompassing a rich history, from competing in AAA hockey to representing Team Ontario in football and playing elite levels of beach volleyball, instilled a deep appreciation for the nuanced aspects of athleticism and the human body’s capabilities.

With TPI Level 1 and TPI Level 2 Golf certifications, Braeden brings a specialized understanding of golf biomechanics and performance enhancement to the teaching approach. In the realm of golf, a passion lies in a holistic approach to teaching. Emphasizing understanding and harnessing a player’s strengths, unique physical attributes, and individual swing characteristics, Braeden tailors instruction to each person’s specific needs, aligning it with body mechanics to cultivate a comprehensive and personalized learning experience.

Commitment lies not only in enhancing golfing skills but also in fostering a holistic connection between the player, their body, and the intricacies of their swing. Aspiring to continue guiding individuals on a journey of self-improvement, Braeden Pacas draws from a diverse athletic background and an academic foundation in kinesiology to optimize their golfing potential.

Luke Roth

Assistant golf Professional / Head Fitter

Luke Roth is an expert club fitter with more than 10 years of experience in the golf industry.

After graduating from York University for Broadcast Journalism in 2010, Luke spent 3 years working at Global News Toronto. He was hired as an editorial assistant and excelled in the fast paced environment, soon becoming a writer and show producer. But his love for the game of golf pulled him out of the office and onto the links. At the age of 24, he left his job in television and began working the pro shop at a local golf course. His golf game quickly improved, and was eventually hired as an assistant professional at The National Golf Club of Canada, where he worked for 3 seasons. Most recently, Luke has worked with Titleist as a Product Specialist.

He is dedicated to providing excellent member experience and quality club recommendations while providing a fun and professional atmosphere. His positive attitude and expertise in golf equipment and technique are sure to be a valuable addition to the team at Spring Lakes.

To inquire about a club fitting or instruction, please reach out to [email protected], and be sure to say hello and introduce yourself if you see him around the clubhouse!